Forms, F6


Forms, F6

Normalize your form data!

F6AutoMask allows you to create F6 form field ''Masking'' (input patterns).

F6AutoMask also includes Auto-Float that will automatically insert thousands and decimal separator characters.

Now With Support for TCMS Form Text Fields.

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Add Masking To Your F6 Form Inputs To Normalize Your Data.

Now With Support for TCMS Form Text Fields!

  • F6AutoMask: An advanced extension for Foundation 6 Forms, offering text field masking and AutoFloat functionalities.
  • Simplified Formatting: Apply mask patterns for dates, phone numbers, number strings, and automatic case conversions.
  • Fully Customizable: Adjust mask patterns to suit specific requirements and preferences.
  • AutoFloat Feature: Define the number of decimal places, decimal character, and thousands character - these are automatically inserted.
  • Additional Features: Easily add prefixes or suffixes to your data.
  • Consistent Data: Ideal for collecting uniform data for a database table, CSV file, or any other purpose.
  • Streamlined Process: F6AutoMask simplifies formatting and boosts the accuracy of data collection.

Simple to use, create a mask or auto float, give it a target class and add that class to the form field.

Requires: Stacks 5.1 or StacksPro

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