Use a Foundation 6 Form to add data to a MySQL table.

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The easy way to add data to a MySQL table!

Easy to use:
  • Create your database using your server tools
  • Create your Foundation 6 form
  • Add a Ajax POST form action
  • Fill out the connection information in the stack UI
  • Publish!

If the table does not exist it will be created.

If you add form fields that are not in an existing table, the table will be altered to add the new columns.

Ability to exclude fields from the db.

Note: this is for text only, no support for BLOB data.

UPDATE 1.1.0 
Now supports multi-select field data

UPDATE 1.2.0 
Now supports file upload to folder writing url back to table with dynamic or static file name prefix.


Stacks 5.x or StacksPro
Foundation 6+


Finally the stack I was looking for. Works amazingly well, obviates the need to create a database yourselve! Great service by Scott, not to forget

F62MySQL does exactly what it promises, easy to install and use.

Have username, password en hostname of your database ready. You create the F6 form give the table a name and F62MySQL creates the table with all the fields. This approach avoids typos and a lot of error searching.

But working with an existing table and filling in the fieldnames in the F6 form is naturally also possible.

A technical issue that did arise was solved (almost) immediately with an update.

Thanks Scott!

$ 21.95

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