Create Foundation 6 Branching Forms!
Use expressions or case statements to control form sections.

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F6Brancher lets you create foundation 6 forms that can show and hide sections based on user input. 


  • Show/hide form sections based on user input
  • Build expression logic or case logic for each section
  • Unlimited Case statements via YAMAL i.e. value:step-X or EMPTY:step-X
  • And/Or expressions
  • Operators: <, =, >, <=, >=, Like, Not Like, Empty
  • Displays logic in Edit mode
  • Instructions in Preview mode
  • Easy to install & use


Stacks version 5.1, or StacksPro

Foundation 6+

Instructions Demo

A great stack for multi step forms. It is also possible to build a check per if something is filled in, in a very easy manner. That is not possible with Foundation forms. This check is only at the end before submitting. StacksAppStack has great support!

Making if this than that forms has always been a struggle, not with Brancher! This stack has really made it easy to create complicated forms.

Pro Tip: If you are going to build a large form, build a flow chart or mind map, make for easy updating in the future!

F6Brancher is a very easy to implement and very versatile stack to provide a website user just the choices tailored to the needs of that specific user. It saves the clutter of multiple forms on your site, the frustration of updating them all if anything changes . In combination with the F62MySQL stack (also from this site) a very powerful tool. I gave 4 stars and not 5 as a few alterations could make it more elegant.

$ 44.95

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