CSV, Json, SQLite, Tables


CSV, Json, SQLite, Tables

TableIt! creates a responsive table view from your data source.
The Data Source can be; CSV, Json, SQLite or Feeds.
Many features, please see Description for details.

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TableIt! lets you easily create a responsive table from many different data sources.

  • Source data from: Feeds, CSV,JSON,SQLite Table
  • Dynamically builds table based on data structure
  • Responsive table based on Flexbox
  • Auto Pagination (set in UI)
  • Filtering by column (auto populate)
  • Download CSV (Allow in UI)
  • Download Pdf (Allow in UI)
  • Sortable Columns
  • Resize columns
  • Drag to re-order columns
  • Image Url to Thumbnail or text link (Set in UI)
  • Auto thumbnail creation
  • Display thumbnail from image url or SQLite BLOB field
  • Page URL to Button or text link (Set in UI)
  • All Labels and Buttons text set in UI
  • Supports Feeds pre-filter, filter and sort settings
  • Setting that allows for a comma separated list of columns/keys to exclude
  • Easy to install
  • Simple controls
New features in 1.1.0
  • Added persistence controls for: Sort, Filter and Columns
  • Added control for responsive wrap/scroll

StacksPro or the Stacks Plugin by YourHead


The set up is almost too easy. I couldn't believe the table was created so quickly and the sort function so powerful. Another great stack by Scott Williams.

I love this app. I'm brand new to trying to implement a SQLite database on my site and wasn't sure if I had everything set up correctly or not. With TableIt!, I was able to quickly configure a look at each of my tables and prove that the data was being read correctly. Plus, it gives me a great way to present a table of information to check for errors during development.

$ 36.95

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