F6, Forms, Uploads


F6, Forms, Uploads

Easily send F6 Form Data and Attachments to Folder(s) on your server.

See Description for details.

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F62Folder lets you easily send form data and files to your server.

If store form data is selected it will create a text file holding the form data. The file name is set by choosing a form field for the value. i.e. name
A date stamp will automatically be added as a suffix to the filename.

If store attachments is selected, files added via the F6 File Upload will be uploaded to the server. A prefix from a form field value will be automatically added to each file name. i.e. name

  • Easy to install
  • Simple controls
  • Separate folders can be selected for form data and file uploads
  • Trim off unwanted field data from the end of the form
  • Restrict file uploads by type
  • Automatically strips field-label from form selects
  • Does not interfere with email action, you can do both


StacksPro or the Stacks Plugin by YourHead
Foundation6 by

Note: Caution should always be used when allowing visitors to upload files to your server


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