ArchiveIt is a simple way to add backup abilities to your site.
Fast and easy to setup and use!
See Description for details.

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Need to back up your CMS DATA? ArchiveIt!

ArchiveIt creates a fast and simple way to archive all or part of your website.

  • Easy to Set Up
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast

Building sites for clients? Give them the ability to backup from their admin area!

Automatically scans the file tree of the folder you set and collects all of the files and sub-folders, adds them to a Zip archive and presents a download button.

It even adds the date to the download filename.

If you have a cms system or have other site data warehoused on your server (csv files, pdf's, SQLite databases etc.) don't take a chance.


Note: ZipArchive must be installed and on in your server php settings. This is usually on by default, but you may want to check with your host to be sure.

Backup and download your important CMS data or your SQLite data or your admin folders as easy as clicking a button. While I have a backup on my host service, saving an archive to a local drive just makes sense. I'd hate to have to reenter calendar events or inventories. Easy setup, fabulous execution.

$ 19.95

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