Forms, CSV


Forms, CSV

The simple way to send F6 Form Data to a CSV file on your server.

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This stack will allow you to send Foundation 6 form data to a CSV file on your server.

  • Simple setup, just add the relative path and file name.
  • Also allows you to update TotalCMS datastore files.
  • Uses the power of F6 Ajax form action.
  • Update the CSV And Send an email if you wish.
  • Redirect on form completion.

Demo Page

This is just brilliant. I have to collect data at a show this weekend and set time aside next week to collate it all from the email form results manually into a spreadsheet.

Now I don’t need to. Download the spreadsheet from the server and total the columns. Job done. Amazing thank you.

Super Stack looking forward to trying some of the others soon.

I've been wanting this stack for as long as I can remember. It's simple and yet incredibly powerful! I can finally have my F6 forms submit to a CSV!!

$ 21.95

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