RoboSend Stack Set


RoboSend Stack Set


Need to send a notification when a blog post is added or edited?

We all use the TCMS blog for many things other than just a single user blogging system.

  • Event Registration
  • Review Systems
  • Multi-writer blog with an editor in charge.

These uses and many others need an email notification system when Posts are added or changed. RoboSend does exactly that!

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RoboSend lets you set up automatic email notifications when a TCMS Blog post is added or edited.

Key Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop Implementation 
  • Two Stacks 
  • Simple Setup
  1. RoboSend-Data gets the data from a TCMS Blog Post and sends it to RoboSend-Submit.
  2. RoboSend-Submit automatically adds the data (in hidden fields) to the F6 Form and submits the form.

Tcms fields used

No TCMS fields are used.


Stacks by: Yourhead.
TotalCms By:  Weavers Space. 

Tested with Foundation6 forms but "should" work on any form you can add a stack to.

This is a great power to TCMS. You can finally send email notifications automatically when a new blog post is submitted. We used this stack in our Cleo Project file to send notifications when a user comments on a blog post.

FINALLY!! I can be notified when a Total CMS blog post has been created or updated! Thank you!!!! This stack just works!

$ 21.95

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