Events, Calendar


Events, Calendar

An Event Calendar for Stacks! No third party API's to go wrong, No database to set up! 

Admin CRUD lets you Create, Read, Update and Delete events.
Retrieve Record And Retrieve Field stacks let you build a details page.
Calendar View gives you month, week, day and list views. 

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StacksCal is designed to allow you to build an event calendar.
No database set up, No third party API's to break, Totally self contained.

Key Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop Implementation 
  • Includes Four Stacks - CalView, CRUD, RetrieveRecord and RetrieveField
  • Month View
  • Week View
  • Day View
  • List View
  • Set Start Date(time)/End Date(time) with a simple Date/Time picker.
  •  Color Code Events (text, border, background)
  • Complete Admin CRUD lets you; Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete Events
  • 12 user fields

** NEW in 1.5.x **

  • Ability to set date and time format in CRUD
  • YMD, DMY. YDM, MDY date settings
  • Select from; dash, dot, slash separator
  • Check box for 24hour time formatting
  • Default setting for details URL
  • Option to open details page in modal

** NEW in 1.6.x **

  • Ability to exclude fields in forms
  • Color Picker option for event colors

** NEW in 1.7.x **

  • Polish Language support
  • Monday start of week support
  • All day events hides time in cal and crud views
  • sort crud columns by header click

** NEW in 1.8.x **

  • Override calendar TimeZone
  • Fix for color picker conflict

Important: Changing the date/time formatting requires updating of current data. Be sure you set it correctly for current data set.

How To Doc

A few days ago I made a purchase of the StacksCal calendar. The app works as expected.
I received an immediate response and support to my questions.
Thanks a lot :)

$ 49.95

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