Sitelok, Blog


Sitelok, Blog

Need to filter your TotalCms blog list by the logged in users Sitelok group?

This is the answer! Simple to use yet very powerful. Filter a blog list by products purchased, by membership level, etc. 

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SKU: 00103

SLgroupFilter4TcmsBlog is designed to allow you to filter a TotalCms blog list based on a logged in Sitelok users group(s).

Simple but powerful! If you need to show content stored in a Tcms Blog based on the Sitelok Groups a user belongs to, this is the answer!

Key Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop Implementation 
  • Only One Setting (the filter field)
  • A Simple, easy way to build a relationship connection between Tcms blog and Sitelok User Groups.

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$ 19.95

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