Add a Page Search to your web page with just a few clicks.

Highlights and scrolls results into view.

Easy to use!

Brand: StacksAppStacks

SKU: 000110

A quick and easy way to add a page level search to your web page.

  • Highlights and scrolls results into view
  • Step through results with next/previous buttons
  • Perfect for long pages, csv's tables etc.
  • Results counter
  • Easy to setup!

Note: this is a page level search not a site-wide search.


Powerful with a quick set up and clear instructions. I am using it with Feeds and F62SGLite. Now I can search the database, find the record I need. One of many StacksAppStacks worth purchasing.

Scott, this is Brilliant! So easy to use that, despite my best efforts, I could not mess it up. Works perfectly with my large FEEDS listings and adds an additional and very powerful search feature. Thanks for such a welcome stack.

$ 19.95

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