Allows you to build a no monthly fee e-commerce site with tons of features and digital downloads!
Use the power of TotalCms blog to hold product details, create categories, filter and search your store!

You've no doubt seen the incredible Projects; Mercury by Foundationbox.studio and Starlite by StacksBaseCamp. Her's a little secret, they are both powered by VCP2TCMS.

Now you can build your own e-commerce solution using the same powerful tool.

Key Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop Implementation of VCP2TCMS 
  • Automatically moves SKU and Price from VibraCartPro to TotalCms Blog Post
  • Optionally move VCP Data to four other Tcms Fields


Installs like any other stack. Unzip the file, drag and drop onto the RW icon. Restart RW.


Public Pages:

1. Install and set up your VibraCartProRW stacks (see the VCP documentation) - a simple process.
2. Build out your product details page using TotalCms.
3. Add the VCP cart stack to pages you want the cart on.

 Admin Pages:

There is a two step process to add/edit an item. Step 1. is to fill out the VCP cart information and product options. Step 2. is to fill out the TCMS blog post which holds the product details. There are many ways to accomplish this. here's what we did.

1. Build the product blog  List and detail pages.
2. On the Blog Form page, above the blog form add an iframe stack to hold the VCP product form (this will be step 1.)
3. Point that iframe to: src='%base_url%vibracartpro/adminaddproduct.php?extapp=1' Be sure to add the ?extapp=1 on the end. This loads the VCP product form on your page without all of the other VCP menus, footer etc.
4. Since we wanted to use the same page for editing as adding products, we add a blog form stack (no fields) and set the CMS ID. We then added a second iframe below the first to take care of edits. The source for that is slightly different since you need to also pass a permalink. src='%base_url%vibracartpro/admineditproduct.php?productid=vcp2tcms---how-to&extapp=1' where /adminproduct.php is the name of your Blog Form page. be sure to add the ?extapp=1 on the end. OF SPECIAL NOTE: productid=%blogPermalink() above should be replaced with the field macro of the field you chose to store the VCP product Id in the stack UI. 
5. If you are using Foundation6 you can use swatches to show/hide the iframes depending on if you are editing a product or adding a new one. (Teaching you Foundation is beyond the scope of this tutorial ;-) .) If you are not using Foundation6 you could use something like AgentIf part of the powerful Agent Stack set by weavers.space. 
6. On The Blog Form Page, drag the VCP2TCMS Stack to the bottom of the Blog Form page and set the options.

Tcms fields used

Permalink - holds the VCP product ID (SKU).  IMPORTANT: this can have no spaces. ie. 0012345 or big-red-chair
Author - holds the VCP product Price.
- add VCP product ID to Title
- add VCP product ID to Labels
- add VCP description to Title
-add VCP description to Media


Stacks by: Yourhead.
TotalCms By:  Weavers Space. One License for each URL
VibraCartProRW by Vibralogix  You can also use the VibraCartPro version if you are confortable with adding code to your pages.

To Complex for Your Liking?

These Incredible Project Files Are Ready To Use; Mercury by Foundationbox.studio and Starlite by StacksBaseCamp