RoboSend lets you set up automatic email notifications when a TCMS Blog post is added or edited.

Key Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop Implementation 
  • Two Stacks 
  • Simple Setup
  1. RoboSend-Data gets the data from a TCMS Blog Post and sends it to RoboSend-Submit.
  2. RoboSend-Submit automatically adds the data (in hidden fields) to the F6 Form and submits the form.


Installs like any other stack. Unzip the file, drag and drop onto the RW icon. Restart RW.


On the Parent Blog Form page(admin).
1. Add a RoboSend-Data stack BELOW the blog form.
2. Set the url to the page that holds the F6 form with the RoboSend-Submit Stack.
3. On the stand alone form page, drag the RoboSend-Submit stack into your F6 Form.
4. Set the Redirect URL (this is required)to the page you want loaded after form is sent (this is almost instant.)
5. Add a form action and set up the email template and form processing options. No Other Form Items Are needed. This page will never be seen by the public. Do not include it in your navigation or site map. It should be a stand alone page, not part of a tab, accordion etc.


Tcms fields used

No TCMS fields are used.


Stacks by: Yourhead.
TotalCms By:  Weavers Space.
Foundation 6 by: Waevers.space*

Tested with Foundation6 forms but "should" work on any form you can add a stack to.