F62MySQL captures the Foundation 6 form data and write it to a MySQL database table.

Be sure to look at the gallery screen shots


Add This Stack Below the  F6 Form

  1. Add a Ajax Request Action to your F6 form.
  2. Set the URL to: F62MySQL.php. (case counts)


  1. Show Instructions: Show these instructions in preview.
  2. Host.
  3. Database Name.
  4. Table Name.
  5. User Name.
  6. User password.
  7. Return to - the page url to return to on submission.
  8. Trailing Field Removal: Set the number of field NOT to pass in the data. Starting at the end and going backwards toward the first form field.
  9. Turn on Logging: This creates a detailed log file in the page folder. Helpful when trouble shooting issues.

    New in version 1.2.0 
  10. You can now use the F6 form file upload capabilities to upload files to a folder.
    Add a F6 Form File Upload button to the form
    In F62MySQL UI enter the Path (from document root) to a folder you want to store the files in EX: /uploads/F62MySQL/ If you wish to add a static prefix to the file name, enter the prefix in the File Prefix field.
    You can also pass a dynamic prefix in the url i.e. /?prefix=YourValue.
    Note: if the folder does not exist, it will be created. Your table will be modified to ad a file column which will store a comma delimited list of urls to the files uploaded.