F62MySQL captures the Foundation 6 form data and write it to a MySQL database table.

Be sure to look at the gallery screen shots


Add This Stack Below the  F6 Form

  1. Add a Ajax Request Action to your F6 form.
  2. Set the URL to: F62MySQL.php. (case counts)


  1. Show Instructions: Show these instructions in preview.
  2. Host.
  3. Database Name.
  4. Table Name.
  5. User Name.
  6. User password.
  7. Return to - the page url to return to on submission.
  8. Trailing Field Removal: Set the number of field NOT to pass in the data. Starting at the end and going backwards toward the first form field.
  9. Turn on Logging: This creates a detailed log file in the page folder. Helpful when trouble shooting issues.