BlogSelect is designed to allow you to "Connect" two TotalCms Blogs via a parent-child relationship. A Blog post in the "Parent" Blog  Post uses a field to store the permalink of the "Child" Blog Post.

In the admin area of the parent blog form, BlogSelect provides a dropdown list of all blog posts in the "Child" blog. Making a selection connects the two blog posts. This is a very powerful tool with many uses. We used it in the TotalCal demo to connect an event (the parent) to a Venue(the child) The Events Blog holds details about the event. The venues blog holds details about different venues. 

Key Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop Implementation 
  • Only four Setting (child blog ID, field to store link, unique select ID, custom class)
  • A simple, easy way to build a relationship connection between blog posts from different blogs.
  • Extremely powerful and useful for many projects where you need more data than a single blog post can hold.
  • The dropdown list automatically populates with the title of all  "Child" posts and passes the permalink to the "Parent" Blog Form


Installs like any other stack. Unzip the file, drag and drop onto the RW icon. Restart RW.


On the Parent Blog Form page(admin).
1. Add a blog LIST stack for the "Child" blog and set it to display all posts
2. Add the BlogSelect Stack and set the options
3. Add the "Parent" Blog Form


Tcms fields used

In the "Parent" Blog Form you can choose from ExtraContent or Genre to hold the link to the "Child" blog post.


Stacks by: Yourhead.
TotalCms By:  Weavers Space. 

An iframe capable stack to display the "Child" blog post on the same page as the "Parent" blog post on the public page. We suggest Offsite by Weavers Space, but there are many that should work. Optionally you could just use an html stack and write the iframe code manually.