ArchiveIt allows you to build a Zip archive and download it. 

Key Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop Implementation 
  • Easy Settings
  • A simple, easy way to add backup to your site
  • Define the top level folder and ArchiveIt will build a Zip archive of all folders and files within that folder and present a download button
  • Automatically scans the folder tree and adds the files and folders for you
  • Control all labels and colors within the UI allows for non-English site installation


Installs like any other stack. Unzip the file, drag and drop onto the RW icon. Restart RW.


  1. Set top level folder.
  2. Change Label Names
  3. Select Button Colors
  4. Publish


Stacks by: Yourhead.

ZipArchive MUST be installed and on in your server php settings